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 Your Guides for Haunted Lafayette Tours brings you over 200 years of experience in Houston, Ghost Tours, and across the state of Texas. As authors on subjects of the unusual, Texas, and Civil War historians and just all around "weird" people, your guides will offer you a haunting experience that you won't get anywhere else!

 Kasey, Owner

Kasey Gilbert Clark
Kasey's first experience with the paranormal began at age 9 in New Iberia, Louisiana.  Kasey was born in Rayne but her family moved to Texas a year later.  Basically a good kid but just plain weird, she'd rather hang around in cemeteries and tell her friends ghost stories than do anything else.  In 1989 she started working with a Paranormal Team and spent 10 years with them conducting paranormal investigations.  She also learned how to research Cajun genealogy from her aunt around this time.   
In 2006 she wrote, created and researched the history of North and Northwest Harris County in Houston, Texas and in 2010 created her first ghost tour company, Haunted Houston Tours, which is still active today.
Kasey is empathic and can read imprints that have been left behind.  She also can sense spirits and presence and seems to attract them.  With two different Out of Body Experiences (O.O.B.E.) you will never be disappointed in her tours given with a Cajun flair.  

What does Kasey say about her own Tours?
"I love seeing the guests faces light up when they experience something and I can tell that they are enjoying themselves.  I have a quirky, no-nonsense approach to my tours but also make them fun.  I’m not as flamboyant as some of the other Tour Guides but try to make sure everyone has their questions answered while experiencing everything my tours have to offer."
James Dietz
An empath that performs his own investigations and he claims to be more skeptical than the guests that he gives tours for.  He is also an acclaimed writer that writes paranormal articles for Asylum Paranormal.  
What does James say about his own Tours?
"I enjoy working with people.  I would have to say my vast knowledge of history, science, and paranormal field make my tours unique.  I also have the ability to tell stories in a manner that everyone can understand.  I’m also very interactive with my audience whether it be answering questions or authentication of photographs and EVPs.  I am also the Owner of Asylum Paranormal and run an active blog on all things paranormal."
Audrey Bailey
Audrey is an empath who attracts spirits and can sense their presence.
What does Audrey say about her own Tours?
"I love interacting with all the different spirits around, and its giving me more of an opportunity to learn.
I feel like my personality sets my tours apart from the others. People tend to get comfortable around me super fast, and enjoy my outgoing, goofy, personality. "
Catherine Freamon
Catherine's first experience with the paranormal was at age 5.  She has performed her own investigations but has also worked with a Paranormal Team.  She can sense the spirits presence but can also see spirits with the naked eye.
What does Catherine say about her own Tours?
As a history buff and paranormal enthusiast, working as a tour guide for Haunted Houston Tours is truly a match made in heaven, or whatever plain of existence you believe in.  Being able to share the history of a place is a wonderful thing.  Throw in the ghost stories along with that history, and you've made a great experience for people.
I've always had a knack for getting up in front of people and “performing” if you will.  After years in musical theater and my natural comfort among new people, I am able to bring a strong story filled with high points of excitement and lower points of sympathy.  With a smile and enthusiasm, tours with me will leave you feeling excited for the history lesson and slightly spooked with the ghost stories.

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